The Perfect Vaccine Platform

Our Mission

To develop and bring to market innovative vaccine technology that is globally accessible.

Our Vision

To protect the entire human population from viral infectious disease.

Our Team

Dr. Hans Koehnk

Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine

Partner of ARKO Laboratories – Fully Licensed Vaccine Company

21 Years Experiences in R&D / Regulatory / Manufacturing 

Paul's Headshot

Paul Skartvedt

23 Years of Pharmaceutical Sales Experience

Lead Representative of Presenting & Securing Funding in previous ventures

Dr Bertram's Headshot

Dr. Bertram Jacobs, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer / Genetic Engineer, ASU

World-Renowned Expert on Vaccinia

Co-Creator of NYVAC-KC Platform

Karen's Headshot

Dr. Karen Kibler, Ph.D.​

Chief Science Officer / Genetic Engineer, ASU

Chair of the ASU IUCAC

Co-Creator of NYVAC-KC Platform

Our Advisory Board

Dr. Jim Tartaglia, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board Chairman

Global Head of Vaccine Development & Life Cycle Management (LCM), Sanofi

Dr. Kent E. Kester, M.D.

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Vice President, Translational Medicine, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

Dr. Tony D’Amore, MBA, Ph.D

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Consultant whose expertise is in vaccine and biologics product development, clinical manufacture, clinical supplies, and industrialization.

Dr. Nelson L. Michael M.D., Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Director for the Center of Infectious Diseases Research at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAiR)